July 22nd, 2019

Episode #15

Connecting Manufacturers and Retailers Online

This episode, Mark invites Brandon Leong of RangeMe onto the podcast to discuss what the platform does to help manufacturers get retail distribution. With nearly half a million brands and a million products listed on the platform, they act as a connecting point for both new and established products with retail buyers and service providers. Mark and Brandon break down the process of working with RangeMe and the ways they facilitate all the things you can do to help your business to get on shelves.

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Special Guest

Brandon Leong

Brandon leads a talented and energetic marketing team focused on the growth of the RangeMe marketplace. He brings with him a unique blend of CPG industry experience along with expertise in high-growth technology start-ups. Brandon has held senior marketing roles for over a decade, most recently at the retail analytics company Quri and, before that, Aria Systems. Brandon is a father, a husband and native San Franciscan.

Learn more at rangeme.com

Follow Brandon on Twitter: @bleongSF

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wbleong/