April 29th, 2019

Episode #11

How Challenger Brands Can Grow Distribution at Major Retailers

Mark and Robb welcome Roberto Carli of Alloy, a company that works with manufacturers of consumer products to overcome challenges with data and inventory. 

Retailers are pushing fewer vendors these days, but buyers understand that innovation and higher margins come from smaller players. That means it has never been easier for small companies or startups to break into major retail, if they’re prepared. 

Mark, Robb and Roberto talk about why vendors need to find access and to actually use retailer data, even when buyers also have access. To capture as many sales as possible and keep a favorable relationship with buyers, you need to plan properly for inventory. Throughout their discussion, they offer practical advice for vendors about being better prepared and more knowledgeable about managing your supply and relationships with retailers. 

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Special Guest

Roberto Carli

Roberto Carli is the Co-Founder of Alloy. Alloy was purpose-built for companies that make, move, and sell goods. It is an intelligent supply and demand synchronization platform that brings companies and their suppliers closer to consumers.

Alloy seamlessly connects data from suppliers, 3PLs, manufacturers, and brick-and-mortar and eCommerce retailers for end-to-end insight into product and operational performance. See where your products and materials are, where they're going, how they’re selling, and where they should be. Learn more at alloy.ai.