July 16th, 2020

Episode #30

Utilizing Social Influencers

On this episode of CPG insiders, Mark and Justin are joined by Cody Whittick, from Kynship. Cody joins the guys to discuss social influencers and how they can benefit your product.

They discuss the true measure of leveraging social influencers and what your focus should be before pursuing a social influencer. Cody explains the importance of the content and sheds light on why you should not focus on the follower count of the influencer. He shares what really matters when looking at social media influencers.

Mark and Justin also ask Cody to walk through the experience that you can expect when working with his agency. They also discuss the other benefits that come from social media influencers.

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Special Guest

Cody Wittick

Cody Wittick is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kynship, an influencer marketing agency located in Orange County, CA. They work with brands across all different industries but typically find themselves within categories of: fitness, health/wellness, apparel, beauty & cosmetics, and pets. Kynship specializes in identifying “creators that convert” on behalf of brands - focused mainly on repurposing Influencer generated content into other marketing channels, specifically within FB and IG ads.

Prior to starting Kynship, Cody began his journey at QALO, the brand that created the silicone wedding ring for the active lifestyle. There he grew the ambassador and influencer roster from the ground up - to 200+ people including names such as Lebron James, Mike Trout, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. As QALO grew, the influencer roster became as wide-ranging as the product offering: to mommy bloggers, firefighters, outdoors, and even pet influencers.

More about Cody and Kynship: https://www.kynship.co/