June 10th, 2019

Episode #13

ECRM & Effective Retail Collaboration

On this episode, CPG Insiders welcomes Joe Tarnowski and Sarah Davidson from ECRM to the show. ECRM brings efficiencies and effectiveness to the buying & selling process, by connecting buying and supplies of various categories (food service, CPG, etc.).

Joe (VP of Content) and Sarah (SVP of Grocery) expand on the elements of the ECRM program and how vendors can get the most of out of their meetings with buyers. They offer some suggestions on how to be prepared for their different programs.

Visit  ecrm.marketgate.com to find which ECRM program could be right for your company.

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Special Guest

Joe Tarnowski & Sarah Davidson

Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM®) provides Business Solutions by integrating Process, Vision and TechnologyTM. Comprised of category & season specific Efficient Program Planning Sessions (EPPS®), MarketGate software, ECRM is helping buyers and sellers improve sales, reduce expense, and go to market faster and more efficiently.

As SVP of Grocery, Sarah Davidson is responsible for leading, growing and developing the ECRM food and beverage business. This is done through engaging with buyers on sourcing and planning services and working with quality suppliers at the EPPS sessions throughout the year. Follow her on LinkedIn.

As VP of Content, Joe Tarnowski develops content marketing strategy aimed at engaging ECRM buyer and seller customers during and in-between ECRM's in-person events. Follow him on LinkedIn.